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  • GreatPerhaps

    Still Lurking

    November 12, 2012 by GreatPerhaps

    I can't believe it's been nearly a whole year since I did something on this wiki. Now I'm a graduated girl, it's weird. Anyway, I don't have any lengthy rants up my sleeve like usual, I'm just making this to say hi, I guess. I'm also interested to hear everyone's take on the series coming to an end. Personally, I can't say I'm the biggest Twihard so although I'm not clutching a Team Jacob shirt and sobbing, I guess I'm a little nostalgic of 2008 and I'm especially going to miss the promotional tours. I've come out of this 'Twilight experience' a fan of Kristen especially. Over the 5 years I've admired her ability to handle her crazy level of fame and still come out of this a level-headed person and I do enjoy her other projects and will c…

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  • GreatPerhaps

    Breaking Dawn Review

    November 21, 2011 by GreatPerhaps

    WARNING: SPOILERS. MANY SPOILERS. First off, Breaking Dawn was not my favourite book in the series. The first half was good, though, and I guess all that was shown in the movie was the first bit of the book so maybe that's why I liked it, but I think there's other reason's too.

    It stuck to the book incredibly well, they kept all the important scenes. I also feel that the acting was better in this one, the character's actually felt like...character's, established like they never have been before in the other's. Bella and Edward's relationship was believable, there were so many adorable moments that normal couple's have. I remember by the end of reading Breaking Dawn I'd accepted Bella and Edward as a couple, but in this movie I couldn't help but…

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  • GreatPerhaps

    So, I made a post a while back defending Jacob's imprinting on Renesmee, and I do and will defend it because it wasn't his choice, he's no pedophile because it's not romantic yet, and all that, but this is just a disclaimer before you start to get confused because this post may seem to contradict my previous post a little.

    I defend Jacob when people attack him for imprinting, however, I don't exactly like the fact he imprinted. I've read and even written fanfics of them in the future and I sometimes like Nessie and Jacob as a couple, but I still don't like the whole concept of imprinting. I guess watching the movie the other day just refreshed my memory and made me realise I disliked it a little.

    Why, you may ask? Well, Jacob seemed to hate …

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  • GreatPerhaps

    Jacob Black Haters

    June 18, 2011 by GreatPerhaps

    Okay, after coming across a few 'lists' on recently (which, by the way, are against the rules of that site, but anyway) it has come to my attention that many Jacob haters need a wake up call. Actually, it came to my attention a while ago but i've decided to say something about it now.

    A lot of reasons people who hate Jacob give for hating him are very invalid arguments and are very blinded by their love for Edward. If I had to pick a 'team', I'd pick Jacob, but that's not to say I hate Edward. I don't mind him, he just doesn't tickle my fancy. Jacob and Bella's love is more believable to me because it derived from a friendship whereas Edward and Bella's love was kind of a 'I've known you for two weeks and we haven't spoken, I love yo…

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  • GreatPerhaps

    So, you may or may not have heard rumours about Kristen Stewart being considered for the role of Snow White & The Huntsman. Well, I read a source somewhere (although, I don't know how reliable), that they are in final negotiations this week and the confirmations with be released next week and there is word that Kristen could be one of them. I think this would be an excellent role for her. I wonder if she'd have to do an English accent for it? Hmmm.

    What do you guys think of this?

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