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  • GreatPerhaps

    I guess the whole 'Team' thing annoys me because it only causes drama, but sometimes a little drama is fun.

    If I had to chose a 'Team', I'd definitely chose Jacob. But on that note, I don't hate Edward.

    My reason for being Team Jacob isn't actually anything to do with his body (Taylors body). I read the books before Taylor got his abs and such, and fell in love with Jacobs character. He is protective of Bella, he is her shoulder to lean on, he knows how to have fun and he is her friend. Her best friend. And so to me, being best friends with a lover seems an important factor. I guess I just can't relate to the whole 'love at first sight, I can't breathe without him' stuff that Bella and Edward share (although, I'm not denying they share it). Be…

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  • GreatPerhaps

    You guys know how Jacob and the pack are technically shape-shifters, and not werewolves? It seems to be a fact that a lot of people forget, even Bella. But then, in Breaking Dawn, it is mentioned how there actually are werewolves (separate from shape-shifters) and one of the Volturi fought one once (I forget who, exactly, but there was someone). I always wonder what SM would've made her werewolves like if they somehow came into the story. Any ideas or theories?

    I think (think, not sure) there was mention of them going extinct, but just if there were-what do you think they would've been like?

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  • GreatPerhaps

    You know what ticks me off a little? People hating on Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee.

    For one, he could not help it. I hate when people act like somehow he could help it. Who says he wanted to imprint on a baby anyway? On a half vampire baby for that matter? I'm pretty sure if he had a choice in the mysterious workings of wolfy magic, then he would've chosen someone else. Probably Bella. But Nessie was his soulmate, and that's how it is. Deal with it.

    I also really, really, really hate when people call Jacob a creep for imprinting on a child (REMEMBER: HE COULDN'T HELP WHO HE IMPRINTED ON).

    Did they not read the books properly? It clearly explains the concept of imprinting. If they can't be bothered to read the books, then they should at le…

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