I can't believe it's been nearly a whole year since I did something on this wiki. Now I'm a graduated girl, it's weird. Anyway, I don't have any lengthy rants up my sleeve like usual, I'm just making this to say hi, I guess. I'm also interested to hear everyone's take on the series coming to an end. Personally, I can't say I'm the biggest Twihard so although I'm not clutching a Team Jacob shirt and sobbing, I guess I'm a little nostalgic of 2008 and I'm especially going to miss the promotional tours. I've come out of this 'Twilight experience' a fan of Kristen especially. Over the 5 years I've admired her ability to handle her crazy level of fame and still come out of this a level-headed person and I do enjoy her other projects and will continue to follow her, and probably Robs, career after all this is over.

I guess I'm just making this post as an update but also wondering what you guys will have taken out of this fandom after the 15th and once the craziness has died down.

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