I guess the whole 'Team' thing annoys me because it only causes drama, but sometimes a little drama is fun.

If I had to chose a 'Team', I'd definitely chose Jacob. But on that note, I don't hate Edward.

My reason for being Team Jacob isn't actually anything to do with his body (Taylors body). I read the books before Taylor got his abs and such, and fell in love with Jacobs character. He is protective of Bella, he is her shoulder to lean on, he knows how to have fun and he is her friend. Her best friend. And so to me, being best friends with a lover seems an important factor. I guess I just can't relate to the whole 'love at first sight, I can't breathe without him' stuff that Bella and Edward share (although, I'm not denying they share it). Bella is sometimes scared to share stuff with Edward, or constantly scared he will judge her, but she is none of that with Jacob.

I relate to a love which derives from a friendship, because then in the relationship you don't have to be afraid to be yourself around the person because you've been doing it for however long you've been friends with them. Isn't that what everyone wants? Someone who can be your best friend and your lover? Edward and Bella just don't seem to share that.

I also hate when Edward lovers argue that Jacob and Bella's love is forced or brotherly/sisterly, or not real because later on he imprints. In Eclipse it clearly states that Bella did feel something for Jacob when kissing him the second time around, and don't say that Jacob forced that kiss upon her. She made the decision. Yes, he may have imprinted later on, but that doesn't mean what he felt for Bella beforehand was not real.

Another thing I kind of hate is when people say Jacob confused Bella or he acts childish and Edward does not. Edward confused her just as much and when he was scared of losing her to Jacob, he admits to acting a little childish sometimes.

But despite all of this, I am okay with Edward and I can see that Bella and him share a certain love. I really despise when members of 'Team Edward' hate on Jacob. They need to open their minds and actually take a look at Jacob, not just brush him off and hate him. Not saying they have to become 'Team Jacob', but they can at least look for some good qualities in him.

Anyway, enough about why I am 'Team Jacob', why are you on a specific 'Team'?

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