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  • GingerAsh

    Twilight Saga film scores

    November 7, 2011 by GingerAsh

    I am currently listening to the Twilight Saga: Eclipse film score by Howard Shore (on Youtube). I have to say, it is my least favorite of the three movies thus far. Is it just me, or did Shore just totally phone it in with this score? My favorite score is from Twilight, by Carter Burwell. I'm extremely pleased that he is returning for Breaking Dawn. The New Moon score, by Alexandre Desplat, is quite beautiful as well. My favorite tracks from the first score are Phascination Phase, The Lion fell in Love with the Lamb, I Dreamt of Edward, and Bella's Lullaby. Overall, this score has a speicifc tone that makes me think of the books.

    What are you thoughts on the movies' scores? Which is your favorite?

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  • GingerAsh

    I have been thinking about how much it must suck to be Renesmee. Jacob has imprinted on her, which basically leaves her with two options: reject him, and live with the fact that you basically destroyed his life and his only shot at happiness, or end up with him, even if you don't really feel like you love him in that way. Can you imagine what it must be like when your best friend and "big brother" figure starts moving in on you and wanting to date you? Like, "I was there when you were born, but now I want to make out with you." Pretty creepy, actually. She probably will feel guilty for even looking at other guys. Her choices have basically been taken away from her! It's an arranged marriage, in a way. I don't buy how the book says…

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  • GingerAsh

    Check it out...

    June 1, 2011 by GingerAsh

    A big problem that I had with Renesmee was that her character was a little too perfect, too much of a Mary Sue. I started writing Renesmee fan fiction. It takes place when she is almost fully grown. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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  • GingerAsh

    ...That in the entire series, one of the main points of the story is that the Cullens are protectors of human life. They do not murder, despite their nature. In Breaking Dawn, while they gathered witnesses, they invited their friends to assist with defending them (majority were non-veg). Not only did they allow them to hunt (albeit, out of state), they loaned then their vehicles in order to go off and commit the murders! Now, I know they needed their help in order to defend their precious Renesmee, but am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that they condoned such mass violence in the region? As Bella stated, yes, this would be certainly going on in other parts of the world regardless, but how could the Cullens just look the o…

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  • GingerAsh

    Adult Twilight Fans (20+)

    February 7, 2011 by GingerAsh

    I am a 28 year old Twilight fan. I am interested in talking with other older fans, fans that have more to say that just "Team Edward!" or "Team Jacob!!" Let's talk about what you like about the saga. What you hate. How you became interested in it in the first place. Favorite characters and ones you don't like. What's your favorite book/movie and why?

    My least favorite characters are:

    Bella (Mary Sue)

    Edward (to a lesser extent)

    And that's about it. My favorites are:










    Freaky Fred

    I also thought that the original Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) did a much better job with the character. Re-casting her was a mistake.

    I became interested in the saga just prior to the release of the first movie. I read all of t…

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