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  • GingerAsh

    Because I am. Yes, I am 30 years old and I will be dressed as Alice. I dressed as her a couple of years ago for Halloween. I work the greyish silver dress and black sweater she wore when Bella came to the Cullen house for the first time (right down to the cullen crest ribbon necklace, which I made, thin silver hair band, silver bracelets, black leggings and silver ballet flats. And of course a short spiky wig. My hair looked like Alice's hair from the first one, which was my favorite).

    Anyway, I could do that outfit again, but I was thinking of trying a different look. What is your favorite Alice outfit, from all of the movies? I still have my wig and Cullen necklace. I may even get colored contacts this year (I didn't last time, an…

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  • GingerAsh

    Calling all Twi-guys...

    November 28, 2011 by GingerAsh

    So, fellas, what did you think of BD1? I personally thought that it was the best of the franchise (or at least tied withg Twilight, which will always hold a special place in my heart), though some of the special effects were iffy. I definitely stayed truest to the book, in my opinion. I'm a chick, of course, but the reason I ask is that, when I went to the theater (all three times, LOL), I couldn't help but notice that the only guys in the theater seemed to be dragged there by their girlfriends/wives. How many guys out there are actually into the saga themselves, and not just because of their significant others? I personally was unsuccessful with getting my husband to go with me. I knew that, even if he did go with me, he'd be making…

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  • GingerAsh

    Can we please put a moratorium on comparisons between Twilight Saga and Harry Potter, i.e., who is the better author, who has the most devoted fans, makes the most money at the box office, etc. It's really just played. I don't mean any offense to any HP fans out there, but I'm sure there is a perfectly good HP wiki out there, and you wouldn't want a bunch of Twilight fans junking up your wiki, would you?

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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  • GingerAsh
          • SPOILER CITY*****************

    I just returned from a day of fun at the theater... watched all of the Twilight movies on the big screen, capping it all off with Breaking Dawn Part One. Here is my review:

    I loved the quote from Bella at the beginning. Loved the humor with watching Bella try to walk in the heels. Her dress was amazing. It was so perfect. I really liked that they included the dream sequence from the night before the wedding. Also, I don't normally like it when they add extra bits that were not in the book, but I thought the Edward flashback scene to his non-veg vampire days really added to the movie. The ceremony was brilliant, especially when they started playing Flightless Bird. The wedding toasts were great. Ah, Cha…

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  • GingerAsh

    Ok, I just returned from the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1, and I have a question. It's really bugging me. Bear in mind, I've only seen the film once (thus far - will probably go see it again this weekend). Once I see it a second time, I will probably be able to answer my own question. WARNING TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN IT YET..... CONTAINS A HUGE SPOILER.....YOU'VE BEEN WARNED... so, here goes..........................

    In the scene where Jake imprints on Renesmee, and there's that flash forward scene of him and Renesmee together when she's grown, who the heck is that that's playing her? She's so gorgeous!!! Is that some sort of CGI effects on Mackenzie Foy that made her look grown? Because it didn't really look like her. …

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