I have been thinking about how much it must suck to be Renesmee. Jacob has imprinted on her, which basically leaves her with two options: reject him, and live with the fact that you basically destroyed his life and his only shot at happiness, or end up with him, even if you don't really feel like you love him in that way. Can you imagine what it must be like when your best friend and "big brother" figure starts moving in on you and wanting to date you? Like, "I was there when you were born, but now I want to make out with you." Pretty creepy, actually. She probably will feel guilty for even looking at other guys. Her choices have basically been taken away from her! It's an arranged marriage, in a way. I don't buy how the book says, "It's nearly impossibly to resist that level of commitment," or whatever Jacob said. Some girls like to play hard to get. She won't get that chance. Jacob is going to be totally whipped and bow to her every command. Poor Renesmee. Poor Jacob. I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for. Thoughts?

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