Ok, I just returned from the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1, and I have a question. It's really bugging me. Bear in mind, I've only seen the film once (thus far - will probably go see it again this weekend). Once I see it a second time, I will probably be able to answer my own question. WARNING TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN IT YET..... CONTAINS A HUGE SPOILER.....YOU'VE BEEN WARNED... so, here goes..........................

In the scene where Jake imprints on Renesmee, and there's that flash forward scene of him and Renesmee together when she's grown, who the heck is that that's playing her? She's so gorgeous!!! Is that some sort of CGI effects on Mackenzie Foy that made her look grown? Because it didn't really look like her. Well, it sort of did, but she looked different. So beautiful that she took my breath away. Does ANYONE know who that was? I wonder if we'll see her again in part two (flash forward again, perhaps)?

Please help me out because it's driving me nuts.

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