I am a 28 year old Twilight fan. I am interested in talking with other older fans, fans that have more to say that just "Team Edward!" or "Team Jacob!!" Let's talk about what you like about the saga. What you hate. How you became interested in it in the first place. Favorite characters and ones you don't like. What's your favorite book/movie and why?

My least favorite characters are:

Bella (Mary Sue)

Edward (to a lesser extent)

And that's about it. My favorites are:










Freaky Fred

I also thought that the original Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) did a much better job with the character. Re-casting her was a mistake.

I became interested in the saga just prior to the release of the first movie. I read all of the books before seeing the first movie. My friends suggested that I start reading them. My favorite books are Twilight and Eclipse, and they are my favorite movies as well (though I will always love the first movie the best).

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