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Ginaswan October 13, 2010 User blog:Ginaswan

This is only for twifans ok... well the true is that I sow the first movie before to read the book, but then I decided to buy all the books and I read it, after that I could compare the books and the movies, and I can tell you that is better read the books, the movies are good but they have a lot of diferents, not only in how occurs some situations, but also how the movies shows the caracters, to ilustrate the relacionship between Bella-Jabob and Bella-Edward, if you read the books you can know that Bella-Edward loves is unic, there is nothing like that. And with Jacob is diferent, Bella never was in love of him.

But I have to said that Kristen is a really good actress, she is Bella but in a Literaly way, when I think in Bella I cant not imagen other actress, Kristen is the best decition in the Twilight cast.

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