Hello people, as you know, Twilight was written in three diferent perspectives, we knew about Bella perspective in all the books, then we had Jake perspective in one section of Eclipse and Edward pespective in Midnight Sun ( unofficial book), at the end, the main or the most important is Bella perspective, in which SM wrote all the books. I literaly love Twilight Books and Movies, all the saga; but I think that another Twilight perspective won"t be good, I mean another perspective can change the main history, the main meanigh ok this crazy world; in my case I don"t care how other Twilight characters could feel this history, for my anyone else than Bella can give us the history, because is her history, try to keep in mind that Bella is the principal character. I respect SM, she is the writer, she has the control of this, but as a Twilight lover, I belive that another perspective could exist just for marketing or wont be successful like Twilight Books, so at the end that is going to affect Twilight history.

Finally, I need to clarity that, this is my personal opinion, you can be agree or disagree with my, I want to know your opinion about this.

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