Hello people, the first time that I read Breaking Dawn, specially the imprimation part, as Bella I couldn"t belive, I mean, if you understand the real meninig of Imprimation, you know that Nessi belogs to Jake, and after all the supposed love for Bella, I wondered Revenge or Destination??? Open your mind and think, it can be Revenge, if you think in all the Jake"s suffering because of Bella. But also Nessi can be the Destination for Jake as real reward for his suffering life. What do you think???

To be honest with you, for my is Destination, Nessi is the perfect final for Jake, of course, when I read that part I was like "What the hell is this", but then I realiced that Jake also deserve a happy final. But some of my friends, Twi-lovers of course, told my that Nessi & Jake relationship was The Revenge of all History.'''' 'Are you agree with that ???

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