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Hey, Twilight Saga fans! To celebrate the fact that Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 is coming out in theaters in a little over a month, we will be reading and discussing the fourth book in The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn for Wikia Book Club! This book is the last in the series, and it brings us to the end of a great journey with our favorite vampires and shapeshifters!

Whether it’s your first or fifth time reading the story, join us via live chats to discuss. Here are the details for our first one:

Wednesday, October 17 at 5:00 p.m. PST

Read Chapter 1 (“Engaged”) through Chapter 16 (“Too-Much-Information Alert”). Discussion topics to include:

  1. How many of you just read the book for the first time? How many of you are rereading the Twilight series?
  2. How did you feel about Bella’s pregnancy? Would you put yourself in Rosalie’s camp, which fought to keep the baby, or do you identify more with Edward and Carlisle, who wished to terminate the pregnancy? Did your thoughts on this change at all as the pregnancy progressed?
  3. In the beginning, Bella chooses romantic love over everything else. Eventually, she chooses to marry at an early age and then chooses to keep an unexpected and dangerous baby. Do you think this makes Bella an anti-feminist character? What would you have done in Bella's place?
  4. Did you like the switch to Jacob’s point of view in Breaking Dawn? What is Jake able to tell us that Bella (or Edward) couldn’t? Did hearing his side of the story change your view of him?
  5. What were your feelings when Jacob finally accepted his birthright as Alpha? Were you surprised that other shifters joined his "renegade pack"?
  6. What do you think of the name Renesmee? Do you like it or do you wish that the baby was given a different name? Why?

Be sure to follow us on Good Reads and Twitter! While you’re at it, tweet @WikiReads with the title of the next novel you’d like us to Book Club.


The first discussion is over, but we have a transcript available for you to keep the discussion going!

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