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How I wish the battle went...

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So my cousin and I were watching the movie, and then the battle scene came up and Jacob had just killed Santiago. When that happened, I paused the movie and I was like:

"I wish he actually pushed Renesmee off of Jacob or something." 

She looked at me, bewildered, and she raised her eyebrows after a minute of staring at me and she shook her head. "Why?!" 

So I explained this to her.

When Seth died and Leah howled, and Jacob heard and realized Seth was gone, he was so upset. That gave Santiago an advantage, and he jumped out the tree and pushed Jacob. Renesmee falls off his back and hits her head on another tree. Blood is coming out her head and she stares blankly at the sky. Jacob kills Santiago successfully, and sees Renesmee. Seeing her bleeding and her staring, he nudges her, and when she doesn't budge, he howls and tells the other members of the pack that Renesmee is dead. 

Then, Edward hears their thoughts, and his eyes widened. Bella notices his face, and everyone begins to panic, realizing something was wrong. Aro looked curiously, and then Jacob comes out the woods. Bella realizes Renesmee's not on his back and screams. Everyone now thinks Renesmee's dead, which changes how everyone fights (since their main reason to fight was lost.) 

Of course, later Renesmee wakes up (or doesn't, depending on whether this idea would continue as a vision or if the battle really happened) and looks around confused. And she walks into the battle just to see her parents beheaded. Jacob sees her and immediately takes her away. 

If Renesmee didn't wake up, whoever survived the battle would later find her lying by the tree, blood on the snow around her. 

I figured I could kind of make it a story, since my explanation to her was more (especially since she didn't read the books.) I'm pretty happy that I managed to write that. XD 

And that's how I wish the battle went (or ended, whatever.)

Don't judge me if you're a Renesmee fan, but good many writers kill/harm the characters closest to the protagonist to bring out the most emotion. 

So.. yeah. 

~Gabriella Cullen

"oh shes just a child she doesn;t deserv htat" 


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