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  • GabriellaCullen

    So my cousin and I were watching the movie, and then the battle scene came up and Jacob had just killed Santiago. When that happened, I paused the movie and I was like:

    "I wish he actually pushed Renesmee off of Jacob or something." 

    She looked at me, bewildered, and she raised her eyebrows after a minute of staring at me and she shook her head. "Why?!" 

    So I explained this to her.

    When Seth died and Leah howled, and Jacob heard and realized Seth was gone, he was so upset. That gave Santiago an advantage, and he jumped out the tree and pushed Jacob. Renesmee falls off his back and hits her head on another tree. Blood is coming out her head and she stares blankly at the sky. Jacob kills Santiago successfully, and sees Renesmee. Seeing her bleed…

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  • GabriellaCullen

    So I've heard there's an alternate ending and there's a Volturi fight.. So what better way to end Twilight than with a fight??

    Okay, I see all the vampires and wolves together. Then BOOM. Everyone's running to the Volturi, and they're running towards them.

    Edward JUMPS INTO THE AIR, and I assume Benjamin, who's like an avatar, breaks the ice to get the water. Makes sense. Some people fall into the water though -- some of the guards from the Volturi, I assume.

    Then we see Renesmee on Jacob's back, Jake's running as fast as he can away from this newer vampire. She looks TERRIFIED. Then just when things couldn't get worse, SOMETHING'S HAPPENING WITH KATE AND GARRETT THAT I CANNOT UNDERSTAND. She looks like she's getting hurt, but at the same tim…

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