Hey, i need everyones help. Me and my friend were talking one day about who would win in a fight and we got to Alec and Zafrina. Needless to say we still debait who would win in a fight. She thinks Zafrina i think Alec. So i want to hear what you think. Who do you guys think would win, Alec or Zafrina? They both have powers, they both affect the senses. But who is the better fighter?


Power: Can creat illusions that affects the senses, can show people images or even make them see nothing but darkness.

Pros: Can make see, feel, smell, hear, taste things that are not there, can work instantainesly, Can affect multiple people.

cons: She has to activate her power so it is possile to sneak up on her, she cannot strip you of your senses.


Power: Can strip a person of their senses.

Pros: Can make a person loose their sense of sight, feeling, smell, hearing, etc, can affect multiple people.

Cons: Takes time to activate.

Zafrina could use her powers on Alec, but if he was able to strip her of her senses her powers might not be able to affect him, she could make him see darkness but he could still hear her or smell her. So who would win?

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