Okay so a while ago we learned a new coven was going to be in BD part 2 called the French coven which is not in the books. A lot of us were like WTF? Why are they adding new vampires thatw eren't even in the book. All we knew was that is was a man called Henri and a woman called Yevette.

The actor playing Henri said Henri has a special talent thus far described him flicking his fingers and sedning someone flying through the air (Possibly telekinisis of some kind) they did not reveal the reson for the coven or whose side they would be on.

But recently Amadou Ly who plays Henri revealed that Yvette has a power as well but it is not stated what it is.

So, i came up with some ideas and wanted to see what you guys think.

Alright, in the trailor you don't see them, but when it shows the Cullen's and their friends all gathered for the confrontation you don't see the French coven on the Cullen side. Since they are both described as being talented i was thinking that they might be used in a flashback.

I am thinking it will be when Eleazar tells the Cullen's how Aro would use Chelsea's power to break up a coven and make the vampires he wants join the coven while the rest get killed. Henri and Yevette are only describes as coven mates (I don't know if by mate they mean friends or mate as in boyfriend girlfriend)

This theory is supported by the fact that in the 2 trailor we see scenes of the Volturi in a warehouse and Alec is using his power while Jane and the Volturi leaders watch. There is also a scene where Demitri is pinning a man to a wall.

This man is a vampire called Toshiro. We don't know much about him or what his role is in the movie. But in a leaked photo it shows him in a vlack Volturi garb.

So i am assuming that the French coven will be used as a way to show how Aro would find vampires he wants to join his coven, blame them for some minor crime, use Chealsea to make the gifted vampires join his coven while the rest are killed.

What do you guys think?

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