So yeah, another pair i would love to see fight. Jasper and Felix.

Jasper is the best fighter in the family and it is said if Edward didn't have the mind-reading power he could have beaten him. He is even feared the most of all the Cullen's byt the wolves who consider him to be speed and death rolled into one. He is used to fighting strong opponents as he has killed dozens of newborns and his power would give him a bit of an edge.

Felix has been around for over a thousand years and goes on every mission the Volturi send the guard out to and Steph Myer even said his specialty is fighting, that he is several steps ahead of his opponent and in the movie version of New Moon he beat Edward in a fight. He must be a real tough fighter to be one of the permanent members of the guard despite not having a power and Aro does not bring in second best to his coven.

So who would win? Jasper ot Felix.

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