Okay, so here is another due who will never meet on the field of battle. But still it is an interesting idea to think about.

So, if Bella (vampire Bella) and Victoria had fought who would have won? Let's say in some alternate reality victoria decided to run instead of fall for Edward's taunts and in Breaking Dawn had to fight Bella after she became a vampire. Who would win?

Victoria is older and more experianced at fighting, she proved how skilled she was when she fought Edward and her power gives her an advantage by helping her find the safest spots to move to. She is also extremely clever and sly, having avoided both the Cullen's and the Quileute's for weeks. If Bella started to win Victoria would have a huge chance of escaping thanks to her talent.

Bella, despite being a newborn has shown great control and so would be able to think more clearly then other newborns. Her power wouldn't be of use against Victoria but her newborn strength gives her an edge. Plus she was trained by various vampires in hand to hand combat so she should know how to defend herself.

So who do you think would win?

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