For anyone who has not seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 beware spoilors.

So after seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 on DVD I decided to make a little list of who died in Alice's vision, i even slowed it down so i could see who was fighting in the back ground. Here is a list of who died and by whom or how. This will be done in the order of which they died.

Carlise- Killed by Aro

Jasper- Killed by Demetri and Felix after Jane imobalized him.

Alec- Killed by Emmett

Seth- Killed by Felix after Jane imobalized him

Santiago- Killed by Jacob

Henri- Died when Bella kicked him into the pit

Leah- Died saving Esme from falling into the pit

Demetri- Killed by Edward

Jane- Killed by Alice and Sam

Caius- Killed by Kate, Tanya and Garrett

Marcus- Killed by Vladimir and Stefan

Aro- Killed by Bella and Edward

Bella and Edward- Killed by numerous guards as they were about to set fire to Aro's head.

Now i wasn't sure who else died, sadly the dvd didn't have any deleated or extended features. Now before he died i saw Alec kneeling over a body so i am assuming he killed one of the Cullen's allies. I think it might have been Maggie judging from the cloths but i am not ceartin. I saw the body of a silver wolf i am assuming to be either Paul or one of the new wolves. Henri's mate Yevvette was not seen to be killed so i don't know what happened to her. Now i believe the wives may have been killed by the Romanians because if you look behind him as he prepairs to fight Bella and Edward you see the Romanians fighting the guards protecting the wives. If anyone knows of any other deaths (not counting Aro's witnesses or the numerous guards) please tell us how they died and who killed them.

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