Okay, so as we all know, SM once said if she did any more twilight books, the next ones would be from either Nessie's or Leah's POV.

So, if she did do one from Leah's point of view, what would you like to see or not see happen in said possible book?

Being a Leah fan i would like to see how she handles being Jake's beta and would love to see her being a leader when Jake is away or something, just to show she is capable of being more then the sad cast off. Pluse we could find out if she is capable of having kids. If she stops pahsing her body will age again so maybe she is not as infertile as she thinks.

I would also like to see more of her relationship with emily, we have all heard of that story but we have never seen any interaction between the two.

I would also like to see the book delve more into Quileute myth, like more about the spirit warriors and some actual Quileute myth.

I don't want her to imprint. No offense to imprint lovers but i would like to see one wolf have a happy ending that didn't end with an imprint.

So that's what i would like and not like to see. How about you guys? What would you want from a Leah book?

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