Every body is talking about Steve Jobs… he was a genius. He was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things!!!

Most of us cannot imagine life without all the stuff that Steve Jobs did for us …

here are just a few of the things :

personal computers – can you imagine NOT having a computer at home ?

my mom went through high school with a typewritter !!! and the MAC is pretty – not something to hide …

email – today supposedly more than 1/3 of all people use email before they leave the house in the morning…

even my grandma does !

music – the ipod, iTunes !!! amazing … how many of you even ever had a cd player ?

my mom talks about growing up listening to 8-tracks or cassettes in her mom’s car .

Ipads, IPhones… now we can have a computer or a TV in our hands – anywhere we go !!!

I used to take a portable dvd player on the plane with me – took up a lot of room with all the dvds that were getting scratched along the way…

now all I have to do is download my fav movies, music and books onto my cute little Ipod and voila!

Just as Coco changed the way women dress with her LITTLE BLACK DRESS, Steve Jobs changed our world of technology.

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