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  • I live in Chicago
  • I was born on November 3
  • My occupation is I write for Fanfiction¬†;)
  • I am Female
  • FanpireTwilighter

    Okay there is a lot of very talented Vampires out there with special kinds of powers/abilities but which one would you want?

    Think about?

    Ever wanted to be like Alice and be one step ahead of everyone?

    Or Edward, you could read minds and know what other people are thinking about?

    There ae a lot of Tanlented people out there, you can even make up your own special power that fits you , like combinding 2 powers/abilities into one.

    So tell me what would you have?


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  • FanpireTwilighter

    It's been forever since I've been back on this site.

    Anyways, I'm here to ask you a Twi-hard who is your favorite couple?

    I don't just mean normal couples like Alice/Jasper or Edward/Bella or even Jacob/Bella.

    You could have Jasper/Bella or Tanya/Emmett or even Carlisle/Edward!!

    There are endless possiblities.

    Get my drift?

    The reason I haven't been here often is because I go on fanfiction daily to update my stories and read some.

    I need it for my ine story I'm adopting from someone plz help me thanks!!

    Here's the story:

    Thank you!!

    My names on Fanfiction are ForbiddenLoce81306 and Forbidden Lemon.

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  • FanpireTwilighter

    I've been reading fanfiction so I was away from the website for a while.Imagine you were Bella the choice of Edward or Jacob

    This story I found reall intreasting. They emphised who is actually better for Bella.

    Why are you on Team Jacob really just becuz his hot or you really think his better for Bella.

    And, and again Why are you on Team Edward becuz his ment to be with Bella or his just rich and hot.

    Plz comment why your on Team Edward or Team Jacob. It really helps if you think like Bella....

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  • FanpireTwilighter

    Today is when Mackenzie Foy (who portrys Renesmee Cullen) Birthday she was born on November 10, 2000.\

    Hopes she has a good birthday..Happy Birthday!!!!

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  • FanpireTwilighter
    • Senna - Tracey Heggins
    • Zafrina - Judi Shekoni
    • Amun - Omar Metwally
    • Kebi - Andrea Gabriel
    • Benjamin - Rami Malek
    • Tia - Angela Sarafyan
    • Vladimir - Noel Fisher
    • Stefan - Guri Weinberg
    • Maggie - Marlane Barnes
    • Siobhan - Lisa Howard
    • Liam - Patrick Brennan
    • Garrett - Lee Pace
    • Mary - Toni Trucks
    • Randall - Bill Tangradi
    • Peter - Erik Odom
    • Charlotte - Valorie Curry
    • Alistair - Joe Anderson
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