aka The Jackal Strife

  • I live in Midgar, Planet
  • My occupation is Ex-Senior student, Team Twilight, Middle Earth protector, Keyblade wielder, Kingdom Hearts gamer, The Legend of Dragoon lover, Cloud Strife's loyal companion, Chaos warriors(012), SOLDIER 1st class
  • I am Dark, mysterious, Anti social, Good acting, Calm, Cool, Loss weight on dilly dallys
  • FLittleBastard

    Has anyone seen this yet? It's finally an official poster. Yeahh-up! Keep calm and watch this badass poster!

    And tell me what you think about this epic poster! :D

    To the haters, Ha! Just kidding!

    FLittleBastard.(Talk) 17:00, October 2, 2012 (UTC)

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  • FLittleBastard

    Sorry I havent been here for many days but now welcome back, me. On the bright side, i still came here looking at every comments, news, and blogs around here without logging into my account, but now here I am. So does my username look wrong? Stupid enough? Disturbing? Any good or bad thoughts about it? hehe ;)

    Lots of love Xxx ♥☻☺♥


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  • FLittleBastard

    I was just gonna start some boring blog or do some other s**** around here due to boredoms and nothing to do.

    So anyway, do you have any favourite musics, scores, or some soundtracks from the TV shows, movies, video games, Youtubes or etc etc?

    You can list many of them if you like. And sorry with the random fonts and colors, I just got bored lol

    I already got so many favourite musics that Im too lazy to list them. However, last night the Disney music A Whole New World is stuck in my head, I cant stop listening to it.

    See ya! EdwardCu11enRocks.(Talk) 23:00, July 19, 2012 (UTC)

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  • FLittleBastard

    Guess what you guys????!!!! Jackson Rathbone and his girlfriend, Sheila Hafsadi had a new baby! Jackson names him "Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI"! It sounds like he named him after himself. Thats what he said on his tweet. And also Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI was trending on Twitter. How swell! xD

    Baby Monroe was born at 9:43 a.m. and weighed 8 pounds, 11 ounces at birth

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  • FLittleBastard

    I found this better quality picture from the Breaking Dawn Part 2. So I hope this helps you see it better than the blurry one. Enjoy!

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