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  • FLittleBastard

    I used to hear about Rob being Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(HELL NO, He's not perfect for THG trilogy!).

    And they're still unconfirmed who will play as Finnick since they say that character was supposed to be handsome, blonde, or super hot or whatever. So I guess there's a voting now. I mean not really voting like the awards' voting. They're just asking who should play as Finnick.

    Survival of the Finnicks:

    And by the way, do you guys think Kellan should be in THG?

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  • FLittleBastard

    Does anyone here love Disney? If not, its kwl. Few of my friends hates Disney(which Idk why). I can list my favorite Disneys here. Disneys are badass.

    So for me, I love Pirates of the Carribean 1-4, Finding Nemo(only because of Dory), Pinnochio, Tarzan, The Lion King(Man! That cartoon movie can kick ass!), Tron, Hercules, Aladin, Peter Pan, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King 1/2, Toy Story, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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  • FLittleBastard

    Just heard that the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 had seven nominations for the TCA. And for the Do Something Awards, I hear that people can nominate who should be the movie star: male(Rob is part of it).

    So have you guys voted for the Teen Choice Awards 2012? I voted for Robert Pattinson, Breaking Dawn Part 1, Kristen Stewart, The Vampire Diaries, and Snow White and the Huntsman, etc etc.

    So if you haven't voted, here it is:

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  • FLittleBastard

    I've heard this news earlier and no way he'll be in the Hunger Games sequel. Nobody will ever want any one of the Twilight casts be in that series. Do you guys agree? Even though I had nothing against The Hunger Games(except my mother), but I really hated how the rumors wanted one of the Twilight casts to be in the next Hunger Games.

    And HELL NO to that question of Rob Pattinson being in the next Hunger Games!

    He already has one franchise under his belt. Might Robert Pattinson soon add another?

    According to Movie Fanatic, the Twilight Saga star is under consideration for the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, the wildly anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games.

    Finnick is described in Suzanne Collins' novel as a ridiculously handsome former…

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  • FLittleBastard

    Besides The Hunger Games, is there any other movies that are better than this kind of a just-romantic movie? I never mean to say this, but it's just that I was being in love with the other movies that I like from long time ago. Think I'm acting like I'm from the past now(or was it just me?). And the other reason(the main reason) is I had a crush on someone at school and it feels like I'm completely on drugs. Making me think that I should move on with my life instead of keep being in love with Twilight for years.

    And also, when there's a lot of people saying "Twilight sucks", I no longer feel offended anymore. Think I'm starting to become a less Twi-hard now...or getting used to the haters now.

    So now you know what I'm saying? Do you ever fee…

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