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  • FLittleBastard

    Im alive

    June 16, 2014 by FLittleBastard

    Alrite those of you who know me or those of you who didn't know me, it's been awhile..... Sure I can still be what you call a Twihard but I'm more like Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, NigaHiga, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy fanatics. I've always love hot guys! And most of you who I never knew are new here while I was gone but I'll just say belated "welcome to this site". Gee I couldn't even remember when's the last time I've been here! I've been moving on for awhile since my break years from Twilight. Yeah I'll admit I haven't been watching the whole sagas in like forever. Also I can still be offended with whoevers dissing Twilight and oh well their lives is sad by being o…

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  • FLittleBastard

    I recently obtained the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition and Part 2 DVD and so I've watched it right away. Let's talk about the Part 1 first.

    My favourite part of the Extended Edition is when Jacob threw his dog bowl at Rosalie's hair and then Edward and Emmett just like LMAO'ed. xD "You got FOOD in my hair!"

    Also, there's a part where Edward punched Jacob across the room after his imprint on Renesmee and then Jacob look like he got knocked unconscious or something. Was that supposed to happen in the book? And then eventually he recovered and jumped out of the house "Stop! Its over! If you kill her you kill me!".

    Now onto Part 2

    This is my first time watching this...

    I thought Renesmee would never had lines since shes very young, but of co…

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  • FLittleBastard

    Heya yall!

    February 10, 2013 by FLittleBastard

    Hey to you all Twihards or anti Twihards(lol jk)! Its been awhile or ages I've never been here. So what's going on in your life during your absence here? As for me, mines great. On Twitter I really enjoy following one of my followee. So recently, I just got a tweet back from him finally. Yay! Let's just say he's one of my favorite SOAP stars who already left GH. Now Idk why I felt like I wanna chase after him. xD

    OK, anyway. Since I kinda put aside paying attention to the Twilight Saga franchises, Im obsessed with the other films and video games like Final Fantasys, Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, and etc. Especially the SOAP television shows like General Hospital or Young and the Restless.

    So what happened to your absenses here and your …

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  • FLittleBastard

    I know that Bella/Edward and Will/Elizabeth are a comparable couples. They can't live without each other. And the girls are attractive by a lots of guys.

    Think there's a few things about Bella: Mary Sue-ish, knows how to make a vampires and werewolves work together, gets a good grades, and stubborn.

    Few things about Elizabeth: Intellegient, independent minded, she gave a lot of guys a kiss of deaths, never tell anyone about what she did to Jack Sparrow.

    But seriously, no offense to those who like Bella or Elizabeth, but Im just pointing out their personalities or appearances. So anyway, who's a better couple? Will/Elizabeth or Bella/Edward? http://i272.photobu…

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  • FLittleBastard

    I definitely got jumped when Renesmee's Lullaby will be in the movie. I knew they would follow the book. Hopefully Edward would play her lullaby on his piano in the movie.

    So here's an official Score list and the cover.

    1. Twilight Overture (3:02)

    2. A World Bright and Buzzing (1:12)

    3. The Lamb Hunts The Lion (1:59)

    4. Meet Renesmee (2:43)

    5. Here Goes Nothing (0:59)

    6. Sparkles At Last (1:04)

    7. Catching Snowflakes (1:41)

    8. The Immortal Children (2:01)

    9. Merchant of Venice (0:44)

    10. Into The White (1:04)

    11. Renesmee’s Lullaby/Something Terrible (3:03)

    12. A Way With The World (1:38)

    13. The Amazon Arrives (1:00)

    14. A Yankee Vampire (1:07)

    15. Cloud Forest (1:23)

    16. Witnesses (1:37)

    17. We Will Fight (0:57)

    18. Shield Training (2:09)

    19. At Bedtime A C…

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