In the Twilight Movie:

1. Which character from the movie does not exist in the book?

2. Who doesn't show up at school on Bella's second day?

3. What is the name of Bella's ballet studio?

4. Who said, "Beautiful. Very visually dynamic. I chose my stage well."

5. Who am I? I'm not a fan of the Cullens. I'm a fan of baseball. Edward thinks I'm a "complication." I'm down with the kids.

In the Twilight Book:

1. What is the title on chapter 11 in Bella's Version of Twilight?

2. Why did Edward and Billy glared at each other when they passed by each other?

3. How did Bella ditched Jasper when they're supposed to wait for Emmett, Edward, and Carlisle?

4. Where did the Cullens play baseball?

5. In Midnight Sun (especially on Bella's version) , what did Edward tried to do when after he left in biology class (or when he first met Bella)?

Bonus Question: Is there anything from the book that you wish they were made to the movie? And what is it?

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