I've heard this news earlier and no way he'll be in the Hunger Games sequel. Nobody will ever want any one of the Twilight casts be in that series. Do you guys agree? Even though I had nothing against The Hunger Games(except my mother), but I really hated how the rumors wanted one of the Twilight casts to be in the next Hunger Games.

And HELL NO to that question of Rob Pattinson being in the next Hunger Games!

He already has one franchise under his belt. Might Robert Pattinson soon add another?

According to Movie Fanatic, the Twilight Saga star is under consideration for the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, the wildly anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games.

Finnick is described in Suzanne Collins' novel as a ridiculously handsome former champion of the competition at the center of the triology's story. He's muscular, tan and blonde-haired (doesn't exactly sound like R. Patt, does it?) and he harbored a troubled personal life. Oh and also you can vote who should play as Finnick?

So who do you guys think should play as him?

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