I recently obtained the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition and Part 2 DVD and so I've watched it right away. Let's talk about the Part 1 first.

My favourite part of the Extended Edition is when Jacob threw his dog bowl at Rosalie's hair and then Edward and Emmett just like LMAO'ed. xD "You got FOOD in my hair!"

Also, there's a part where Edward punched Jacob across the room after his imprint on Renesmee and then Jacob look like he got knocked unconscious or something. Was that supposed to happen in the book? And then eventually he recovered and jumped out of the house "Stop! Its over! If you kill her you kill me!".

Now onto Part 2

This is my first time watching this...

I thought Renesmee would never had lines since shes very young, but of course she said something. My favourite quote is "Hello Aro" xD

And the first time seeing Bella as a newborn Ive never seen her like that. Her temper and attitudes is like unpredictable like she should've killed Jacob instantly. xD I mean why isnt Jacob supposed to be in the casts because the book said his arm and his collarbone is broken.

And...cant believe Bella is a badass vampire now. She even beats Emmett in an arm wrestling. Why wont they show the part Emmett is mad and he detroys everything after that part???? I badly wanna see that one.

The most disturbing part ever is Alice's vision where Carlisle, Jasper(Damn it!), Seth and Leah dies during the battle. However, I do love Benjamin's special ability.

My favourite new character of the Part 2 is Garrett(Thranduil, yay!), Vladimir, Benjamin, Allistair, Amun, Stefan, Tanya, and Kate.

Oh yeah, I do also love Aro's laugh compared to the one in New Moon.

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