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More Twilight Sagas Trivia Questions!

In the Twilight Saga New Moon movie:

1. At the end, what is Edward's last line?

2. How many months does Bella have been depressed when Edward left her?

3. What happens in the deleted scene after when Jacob asked her, "I mean, how old is that Cullen guy anyway?"

4. When Bella saw the motorcycle gangs, what or who did she see?

5. What is Laurent's last word when before he was attacked by a werewolf?

In the New Moon book:

1. Why did Edward left Bella?

2. Where did Alice convince Jasper to go to?

3. Why did Jacob left Bella?

4. Where did Jacob and Bella do their motorcycle riding?

5. Who first turned into a werewolf?

There will be a lot more trivia questions coming soon!

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