So before Twilight comes out, who r u guys r in love with before?

For me,......uhhh I used to be addicted to (uhhh god this is embarrassing for me to say it to the people)Johnny Depp(from Pirates of the Carribean) and Orlando Bloom(from Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Carribean). Well thats only right long before the Twilight came out. So when the Twilight came out, I'd just only like Edward regularly. Then when I watched it a few times, I finally felt in love with him. So as a result, I no longer had a romantic feelings for my used-to-be-my-favorite stars anymore, but though they're still remained my favorite stars of the past.

So.....yeah. Think thats about it. Long story, isn't it?

Or if you don't like this kind of category, then maybe I'll put this another video made by my friend. P.S: That wasn't really him or me made those naming-the-video idea. And he doesn't really call the video SquarePoop. He didn't really mean it. That was just a joke. That was one time when he used to be very bored and doesn't know what else is he gonna come up with. So-.....enjoy, I guess:

Spongebob SquarePoop01:26

Spongebob SquarePoop

Made by Hopdiddy protest comments on this. Thnx.

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