Alrite those of you who know me or those of you who didn't know me, it's been awhile..... Sure I can still be what you call a Twihard but I'm more like Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, NigaHiga, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy fanatics. I've always love hot guys! And most of you who I never knew are new here while I was gone but I'll just say belated "welcome to this site". Gee I couldn't even remember when's the last time I've been here! I've been moving on for awhile since my break years from Twilight. Yeah I'll admit I haven't been watching the whole sagas in like forever. Also I can still be offended with whoevers dissing Twilight and oh well their lives is sad by being obsessed with what they hate so... I'm now finally less offended. I've moved on. My college is going great this time. It's more of a literally-super-busy work than in previous educational schools ya know! As you all know I'm being welcomed back...for now.. Feels like I'm still 23 years old forever already. I'd rather live in that age forever the way vampires live in their ages. Hope your lives have been going on for eternity now so...keep enjoying! Xoxo


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