Be honest: what do you guys think about Twilight or the book of it? Is it bad or was it not bad?

Cause for me, well, its a long story. ^_^ Oh well, but I'll talk about it anyway. I'd just think that Catherine did a great job making the casts luk very cute and wear a very nice clothes(unlike wearing a sloppy clothes which is David Slade's idea). And she did a very good job making some very awesome and a lovely musics. So think she might be my second favorite director. Well yeah, I think she messed the stories up a little bit, but......not as much as David Slade does. Also, there was no such thing as Waylon. But think I had a theory of why she had Waylon in that movie: think thats because she wanted to make the people who watched Twilight to see the bad vampires. But I'm not that positive. So anyway, Twilight would be my favorite Twilight Saga movie. Always.

Well I also love the Twilight book cause its really real and it is a lot more detailed. But I think I like MIdnight Sun cause that encourages me to like Edward a lot more or get to see his actions in Twilight.

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