Hey to you all Twihards or anti Twihards(lol jk)! Its been awhile or ages I've never been here. So what's going on in your life during your absence here? As for me, mines great. On Twitter I really enjoy following one of my followee. So recently, I just got a tweet back from him finally. Yay! Let's just say he's one of my favorite SOAP stars who already left GH. Now Idk why I felt like I wanna chase after him. xD

OK, anyway. Since I kinda put aside paying attention to the Twilight Saga franchises, Im obsessed with the other films and video games like Final Fantasys, Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, and etc. Especially the SOAP television shows like General Hospital or Young and the Restless.

So what happened to your absenses here and your life? Whats shaking, eh? ;)

Want to know more about whats going on in my life? Just ask or comment

Hey btw, should I come back? :P

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