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Happy B-Day Taylor Lautner (JACOB BLACK)!!! :D

Omg, Happy B-Day Taylor Lautner! :D I guess almost about everybody loves you as being Jacob! Have fun filming for Breaking Dawn! We're very glad that you've played as Jacob! :D Love never ever dies! So...don't underestimate your fans.

P.S: Your very hot, too including your 8 or 6 packs of abs! Also, you have a cute smiles. 8)

So I guess the Team Jacobs could enjoy these entertainings! :D

team-jakezk2wx2.jpg Animation1.gif JACOB.gif Jacob.jpg JACOB-1.gif 846a62e1b03ea45e44e1193177fbca04.gif tdhedr.jpg dtrh.jpg

122hvvb.gif new-moon-trailer-wolf.gif thjacobe-eclipse.jpg thJacobedited.gif anigif.gif taylor-lautner-3-eclipse.jpg Taygif4.gif

If you guys are Team Switzerland, then enjoy this. Or....If your not, then you don't have to look at this.


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