In the Eclipse Movie:

1. What happens in the beginning of the movie?

2. What quotes did Leah say to Bella at Emily's place?

3. Who did Sam fall in love with before he imprinted with Emily?

4. Which werewolf stays with Edward and Bella while the Cullens and the wolfpacks battle against the newborn?

5. What are the strongest vampires called?

In the Eclipse Book:

1. When did Leah and Seth Clearwater join the pack?

2. What is the first college Bella and Edward receives an acceptance letter from?

3. What name did Jacob called Carlisle?

4. Who invites all of the high school kids over to the Cullens house for a graduation party?

5. When Bella asks Jacob why his wolf hair is furrier than that of his friends, he says it's because what?

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