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Cullen Crest

(For people who likes the Cullens) If u guys were a Cullen, then where would u wear a Cullen Crest on?

(For people who likes wrewolves) If u guys were a shape-shifters, then where would u have a Quileute tattoo on?

For me, I would have my Cullen Crest on my wristcuff(which I already have) Also, I'd already had a wristband and a fingerless gloves for a Cullen Crest. So where did I get it from? Its from with all kinds of products for a Cullen Crest.

And if I were a shape-shifters, then I would either have it on the back of my hand or it could b the same place as the werewolf packs had it on. Well I am thinking that the gud place to have a Quileute tattoo could b on my back.

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