So I'd just watched Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in the other day, and then during that time, I was kind of frustrated that most of their parts doesn't happen exactly the same as the book does. Throughout the Sagas, they sort of made Edward look like he's a weakling(PLEASE don't say he truly is if he's your LEAST favourite character). First in New Moon during Edward and Felix fight, they made it like he couldn't fight at all which doesn't happen in the book at all. In Eclipse, he was supposed to be a hero in this series, but they've made Bella be a hero instead(which I hate how they do that). And there's no way Riley and Victoria outbeated him or Seth. Victoria was supposed to be scared of Edward and then attempted to run away, but instead she just fighted him and act like she's not scared of him. I've also watched the Breaking Dawn's 30 second video, which is on and their battle scene never happened in the book at all. They've also made Edward look like he was losing. Not just the parts where Edward was a weakling(which they've messed up), but they also messed up the other scenes too. It's too many to list them, but thats how they couldn't follow the purpose of to try to follow the book.

1. So will their tinkering make or break the Sagas?

2. I mean was that neccessary to unfollow the books?

I would say that Chris Weitz was my favourite director of them all. He could've direct the Eclipse or Breaking Dawn cause I love how he always follows and cares about the book.

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