Remember to know about your casts by looking at these:

If you know it all, then its no longer impossible.

1. Which actress is Peter Facinelli married to?

2. Which TV personality has Kristen Stewart's dad worked with?

3. Where was Jackson Rathbone born?

4. What's the name of Jackson Rathbone's band?

5. What city does Ashley Greene call her hometown?

6. Justin Chon's favorite character in the Twilight books is:

7. How many sisters does Kellan have?

8. Which movie did Robert film a part for, only to have it end up on the cutting room floor?

9. Booboo Stewart's real name is what?

10. What is Dakota Fanning's real first name?

11. Which cast member loves Cheez-its?

12. Which instrument does Michael Welch play?

13. How many Junior World Championships has Taylor Lautner won in karate?

14. As a kid Chaske Spencer thought he wanted to become a what?

Alright that's it! Hope you've know about your casts. But I promised to do something else. You don't have to do them all. Feel free to post comments or compliment it. I'll be happy to answer your comments.

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