Besides The Hunger Games, is there any other movies that are better than this kind of a just-romantic movie? I never mean to say this, but it's just that I was being in love with the other movies that I like from long time ago. Think I'm acting like I'm from the past now(or was it just me?). And the other reason(the main reason) is I had a crush on someone at school and it feels like I'm completely on drugs. Making me think that I should move on with my life instead of keep being in love with Twilight for years.


And also, when there's a lot of people saying "Twilight sucks", I no longer feel offended anymore. Think I'm starting to become a less Twi-hard now...or getting used to the haters now.

So now you know what I'm saying? Do you ever feel like you wanna leave behind these whole Twilight things and move on with your own life? Well.....just like you love Hunger Games while I got my own problem: being in love with someone at school.

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