Since a week ago, my family was watching the really scary movie called Insidious. I'm glad I didn't watch it :P I do heard that it was really scary. I mean, I don't really like scary movies. It's just not my thing. Those of you who loves scary movies, sorry. Last night, my mother was watching The Haunting in Connecticut and it was a horror movie which is based on a true events. And then right now, my brother and my mothr was watching Paranormal Activity 2 which is, Idk, wasn't it based on a true events? But I hear it is a suspense or horror. So good thing I didn't watch the scary movies cause they watched it(in my room and) behind my back while I was busy on my computer. :P

So what do you guys think? Do any of you guys love scary movies cause I don't? If yes, then what is your favourite scary movie?

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