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Twilight rules- Rose Vibe

I'm Rose Vibe by the way and I need your help to choose my daughter's naem Im having twins. Please say the name u love the most in your comment!

Names I have tought of Names I really like Votes from others of Names I have thought of
Alayna Alayna 10
Alison Rose 14
Amy Bonnie 7
Rosie Mereidith 9
Rose Sarah 23
Elena Elisa 18
Meggie Nessie 0
Nessie Roseilie 1
Sarah Anglina 12
Erica Erica 12
Judaya Maya 0
Jessie Natilie 0
Kellymay Emma 1
Maya Ebony 11
Alice Olivia 19
Mereidith Freedom 9
Bonnie Tanya 24
Blina Irina 1
Elisa Jane 12

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