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  • I was born on April 13
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    Edward Cullen

    August 31, 2013 by Eremi Cullen

            : Edward Cullen is a 17 years old before he die in an italian influenza. His mother Elizabeth Mason died giving birth to Edward Anthony Mason. Carlisle Cullen saved him by turning him into an immortal vampire. Later on Carlisle Cullen adopted him and invited him to live with him. That was the time when Carlisle decided to start a coven. After a few more years Carlisle saved 2 more humans: Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen and both turned them into vampires. After that Edward Left Carlisle and his family to get a real taste of human blood, and Then he started to kill murderers, drinking their blood and killing them. He continued to live like that about 1-3 more years and then he came back to live with Carlisle and his coven ( Olympic Co…

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