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    Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo: Both are perfect! Mia looks exactly like Carmen in my mind, and Christian is... well, he has a nice face, but i didn't think the hair would be curly. Though i have to keep in mind that they aren't costume yet.

    Casey Labow: I really hope they give her extensions and straighten her hair. I didn't picture Kate with curly hair at all.

    Maggie Grace: Maggie Grace is, plainly put, beautiful. She isn't what i expected, because i thought that Irina had brown hair... Maybe she does and they just haven't dyed it yet. I think she will make a good Irina, considering that her only screen time is so she can be killed.

    MyAnna Buring: She is not what i expected at all. In fact, i'm a little dissapointed. I think she looks a …

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    This is the first day since September 30th that I haven't been super busy. Otherwise I would have put up songs in the last..... 3 days? We had Homecoming this week.

    Today's Song: Turn It Off by Paramore

    Characters: Esme and Bella (whoa, shocker!)

    I scraped my knees when I was praying.

    And found a demon in my safest haven, seems lie,

    It's getting harder to believe in anything,

    Than just to get lost, in all my selfish thoughts.

    I wanna know what it'd be like,

    To find perfection in my pride to see nothing in the light

    Or turn if off, in all my spite, in all my spite, I'll turn it off.

    And the worst part is, before it gets any better we're, headed for a cliff

    And in the free fall I will realize, I'm better off, when I hit the bottom

    The tradgedy it seem's u…

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    Another day, Another Twilight song...

    Today's Song: I'm With You by Avril Lavigne

    Characters: Alice and Jasper

    I'm standin' on the bridge

    I'm waitin' in the dark

    I thought that you'd be here, by now...

    There's nothin' but the rain, No footsteps on the ground...

    I'm listening but there's no sound.

    Isn't anyone tryin' to find me? Won't somebody come take me home?

    It's a damn, cold night. I'm tryin to figure out this life.

    Won't you take me by the hand? Take me somewhere new?

    I don't know who you are, but I... I'm with you. I'm with you, mmm mmm mmm

    I'm looking for a place, I'm searching for a face

    Is anybody here I know?

    'Cause nothing's going right. And everything's a mess. And no one likes to be alone.

    Isn't anyone tryin' to find me? Won't somebody come ta…

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    Good Evening...! I considered not posting a song today because I had a Volleyball game and I just got home not to long ago, so I'm pretty tired. BUT I had some commenters on yesterday's song! So... I'll just shut up now.

    Today's Song: When The Day Met The Night by Panic! At the Disco

    Characters: Bella (The Sun) and Edward (The Moon)

    Oh, yeah! I added a video! Pretty nifty, eh?

    When the Moon fell in love with the Sun

    All was golden in the sky, All was golden when the day, met the night...

    When the Sun found the moon, She was drinking tea in her garden

    Under the Green umbrella trees, in the middle of Summer

    When the Moon found the Sun, he looked like he was barely hanging on.

    And then her Eyes saved his life

    In the middle of Summer

    In the middle of Summe…

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    Good Evening. I'm sitting around, watching Castle, and suddenly a thought struck me: Twilight Song of the Day! *gasp*

    Todays Song: My Baby's Better Than Yours by Meg & Dia

    Characters: The Cullens/Bella/Wolf Pack

    Here is the Video

    Some say suffering's not much,

    But I say...

    We make sure to know we know a lot, of who were killing

    We fell apart

    We all fell apart

    Underestimate, what it means to me

    We fell apart

    We all fell apart

    Underestimate, what it means to me

    We're all different, right? (We're all different, right...)

    Age is one, otherside, Different lines, different roles, different rules to abide by...

    And all these lines self divide to races of men

    Cause we're all different, right?

    We fell apart

    We all fell apart

    Underestimate, what it means to me

    We fell ap…

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