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On Midnight sun and Rosalies news.

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So we all know that Stephanie Meyer started writeing Midnight sun. Although she stopped abruptly, she did give us 264 pages of pure heaven. Edwards head. Today, after two years passed since she did, I lost all hope of ever having Midnight sun compleate, and binded in my hands. So, I now, was lookin for something else to read. I tried reading The Host, but it didn't make me want to read more like Twilight did. I didn't feel it. So, I went to Stephanie to search for something else. I found something that looked promising, and those were " Outtakes" and "Extras" from Twilight and New Moon. It helped, though nothing ever could fill the gap Midnight sun left, unfinished. It seemed as Midnight sun was made just to anoy me. Me, and me specifically because now that I knew what Twilight could be fom Edwards point of view, Bellas just was not good enough.
I fellt empty untill I found one extra from New Moon that did not make me want to read it. It was called " Rosalies news". I never understood Rosalie, not even after she told Bella her story. So I pondert to simply pass this one. What whould a Rosalie do for me?? But I didn't. Maybe it was curisity to finaly get into Rosalies head, or maybe just now painning need for something new from Twilight, that made me read it. After the first ten words of the description on the top of the pdf. my heart stopped. It was not Rosalies mind I was going to get into, it was EDWARDS. It was the day that Rosalie called him and said Bella was dead. The whole phonecall and the whole pain of it. It saved me, thogh it was only 4 pages long. Stephanie Meyer, I am now begging, you to write Midnight sun. And when you do ( If you do so ) I will beg for New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in Edwards eyes too.
Stephanie Meyer WE are waiting!

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