This blog is about my opinion about Edward and Bella Cullen's wedding:) My first opinion about their wedding is that I loved how Bella walked down the aisle with her dad and she almost was at Edward and he smiled at her then she smiled. One thing I didn't like about their wedding is that they should have had vows that were not just the ones everybody says at their wedding:) I love Bella's dress, but I didn't like Edward's tuxedo that much because I didn't like how the back of it went all the way down to his knees!!! The party after was really sweet.... I love all of the speeches tey made about Edward and Bella<3 Charlie and Rennea Speech so funny:) Edward's speech made me cry.:( well that's my opinion on Edward and Bella's... Overall I thought their wedding was very pretty and simple... I think this is going to be my future wedding!!!

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