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  • EdwardLovesBella

    So their is some Breaking Dawn stuff out now. I don't know about you but Im really excited now!

    Have a look over at Hot Topic!

    I Need The:

    • Edward Pillow Case
    • Bella's Wedding Ring
    • Edward Throw
    • The Buttons

    What about you?!?

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  • EdwardLovesBella

    So The Tickets have come on sale today. And I was wondering if you're going to see it right away or going to wait till all the screaming fans have seen it first so you can hear the whole movie?

    I might wait myself. I don't like random screams when Im watching a movie LOL

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  • EdwardLovesBella

    So I know many people have probably bloged about this. Though I still would like to know what's your favorite book from The Twilight Saga?

    Mine whould have to be Breaking Dawn. My reasons: Edward and Bella get married. Have a baby, and Bella get's changed into a Vampire.

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