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Vampires, Shape-shifters and Amusement Parks Vehicles

These are the vehicals that will be used in my book and who will be driving it.

Peter Simon: Black Mercedes S55 AMG

Kellan Simon: Silver Jeep Wrangler

Nikki Davies: Red BMW M3 Convertible

Robert Simon: Silver Volvo S60R

Ashley Simon: Yellow Porsche 911 Turbo

Jackson Davies: Silver Ducati 848

Taylor Brown: Red Volkswagen Rabbit and Black Harley Sprint

Billy Charles: Forks Police Crusier

Kristen Charles: Red Chevrolet Pickup Truck and Silver Honda XL250

Frank: Black Mercedes Guardian

Dave: Red Ferrari F430

Jesse Lester: Silver Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Matt Freds: Red Jeep and Black Dirt Bike

Kristy Bird: Red Dirt Bike

I'm trying keep as close to the films of possible and I'm also using the ones you don't see in the films.

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