These are the charaters of my book and who they represent.

When I add any more charaters, they will be listed.

The Vampires of Forks

Peter Simon Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Simon Esme Cullen
Kellan Simon Emmett Cullen
Nikki Davies Rosalie Hale
Robert Simon Edward Cullen
Ashley Simon Alice Cullen
Jackson Davies Jasper Hale

The Shape-shifters of La Push

Chaske Usher Sam Uley
Alex Lewis Paul Lahote
Bronson Christain Jared Cameron
Kiowa Cole Embry Call
Taylor Brown Jacob Black
Tyson Andrews Quil Ateara V
Julia Chesterton Leah Clearwater
Booboo Chesterton Seth Clearwater
Swo-wo Freeman Brady Fuller
Brayden Lincoln Collin Littlesea

The Humans of Forks / Jacksonville / Port Angeles

Billy Charles Charlie Swan
Kristen Charles Bella Swan
Sarah Harris Renee Dwyer
Ty Harris Phil Dwyer
Justin Wilkes Eric Yorkie
Christian Young Angela Weber
Michael Stephens Mike Newton
Anna Newman Jessica Stanley
Gregory Carpenter Tyler Crowley
Ned Franks Waylon Forge
Ayanna Cora
Mr. Morgan Mr. Molina
Mr. Burns Mr. Berty
Ms. Clake Ms. Cope
Katie Amber

The Humans of La Push

Tinsel Usher Emily Young
Tanya Cole Tiffany Call
Gil Brown Billy Black
Timothy Andrews Quil Ateara III
Graham Chesterton Harry Clearwater
Alex Chesterton Sue Clearwater
Krys Jacob's Friend
Solomon Jacob's Friend

The Bad Normadic Vampires

Cam James
Edi Laurent
Rachelle Victoria

The Seattle Newborn Army

Bryce Victoria's look-a-like
Xavier Brook Riley Biers
Jodelle Thomas Bree Tanner
Felix Diego
Dave Fred
Kelvin Raoul
Joe Kevin
Sean Casey
Tom Raoul's gang member
Nathan Raoul's gang member
Steve Raoul's gang member
Paddy Raoul's gang member
Alan Raoul's gang member
Eddie Raoul's gang member
Liz Raoul's gang member
Helen Raoul's gang member
Megan Raoul's gang member
Violet Raoul's gang member
Grace Raoul's gang member
Carla Raoul's gang member
Iris Raoul's gang member
Rosie Kristie
Kelly Jen
Claire Sara
Tina Kristie's gang member
Nancy Kristie's gang member
Susie Kristie's gang member
Poppy Kristie's gang member
Amy Kristie's gang member
Ellie Kristie's gang member
Lee Kristie's gang member
Henry Kristie's gang member
Mark Kristie's gang member
Vince Kristie's gang member
Gary Kristie's gang member
Colin Kristie's gang member
Ian Kristie's gang member

The Volturi

Michael Aro
Christopher Marcus
Jamie Caius
Charlie Demetri
Daniel Felix
Cameron Alec
Dakota Jane
Noot Heidi
Justine Gianna

The Vampire of Adventureland

Jesse Lester James Brennan

The Shape-shifter of Adventureland

Matt Freds Tommy Frigo

The Humans of Adventureland

Bill O'Donnelly Bobby
Kristen O'Donnelly Paulette
Ryan Connelly Mike Connell
Margarita Lisa P.
Kimisha Kelly
Dan O'Brien Pete O'Malley
Martin Joel
Paige O'Brien Sue O'Malley
Barrett Munch
Kristy Bird Em Lewin

The Humans of Pittsburgh

Josh Bird Mr Lewin
Mary Bird Francy Lewin
Vanessa Connelly Ronnie Connell