Here are some more fanfictions that I want to know what happens next. There're all Edward and Bella stories.

In the first one Bella is a blood thirst outlaw out for revenge but murdering the King but there is one person in her way - the King's son (Edward) who is dead set on capturing her.

In the second one Edward is a merriless pirate captain, Bella is running away from home when her father springs an unexpected engagment, she trys stowing away on a pirate ship and is caught only to feel Edward's wrath.

In the last one Edward is a young pirate captain, he is compelled to wear an amulet, when Bella is captured, will she break the curse or is she doomed to fail. 

Here are the stories if you haven't read it.


[Thou Shalt be Mine]

[To Break A Curse]

EdwardJacobBella (talk) 19:50, June 21, 2014 (UTC)

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