Here is some stuff on the man who plays Carlisle. He was in one episode of Law & Order in 1995, one epiosde of The Wright Verdicts in 1995, twenty-two episodes of Fastlane 2002-2003, nine episodes of Six Feet Under 2004-2005, one episode of Enemies in 2006, one episode of American Dad! in 2006 and eight episodes of Damages in 2007. There are no photos of him in Runaway (1995), Angela (1995), The Price of Love (1995), Telling You (1998) , Welcome to Hollywood (1998), Ropewalk (2000), Chloe (2005), Battle Olympia (2007), That Guy (2007), Lily (2007) or Finging Amanda (2008). I will be adding to it.

--EdwardJacobBella 12:45, January 6, 2012 (UTC)

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