• Docally

    So, just today, I FINALLY finished reading Breaking Dawn. I kinda got sad, only because it's the last book in the series.

    Now that the first part of the last movie is coming soon, I just wanna ask all of you a question that might be impossible to some. What was your favorite book in the whole Twilight Saga? I would have to say Eclipse for me, but if Twilight itself never came out, Eclipse would never be in my list of favorites.

    I hope that all of you guys had lots of fun reading the Twilight Saga, because I know I did.

    Grrr... I also wish that it wouldn't have to end. Here's to forever!


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  • Docally

    Grr... Why isn't our life like Twilight? I mean, who wouldn't love having two cute boys fight over you? And then one being a VAMPIRE and one being a WEREWOLF!!!!! Come on!!!!!!!

    AND heck, wouldn't you like to have someone visit you secretly every night? I know I would...

    Grrrr..... i have nothing else to say... but that's really all i wanted to say anway...

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