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Who is Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag ? Dibendu Nag is born & bought Up in Calcutta/AP/Shillong where he recieved his Education/Practice/Training at his Childhood. Dibendu Nag cleared his High School Study in 1987 from New Delhi. He received his B.Sc in Physics and Philontrophy from Oxford University & Established, National Open School; NOS in 1992 & IGNOU in 1993. Prof.Dibendu Nag is the Founder Father of Distance Education & Open Education under University Grant Commission; UGC in 1994. Prof.Dibendu Nag recieived his Engineering Degree from Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology; HIET and completed three years of postgradute study in Partical Physics & Quantum Physics from Harvard University in 1995. And take the responsibility of the Institute of Engineers.(India). He also done his PhD in Human Right from United Nation Institute for Training and Research; unitar in 1999 and join The UN as Director General. Dr.Dibendu Nag have received his MD. from Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines; IIAM in 2003. And Invented Tele_Medicines for all Therapy. Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag is the Father of IT (Internet Technology) & IT of 21st Century Information Technology, He is also probably known as the the King of Mass Media & Multi_Media. At Present he is in United Nations & NATO as the Director General of the UN Peace Keeping Force.

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